About Us

The Utah Police Civilian Association was formed to serve officers throughout the state of Utah in their efforts to develop positive relationships in their communities. It is our job to develop innovative solutions to provide funding for these officer involved programs; events that bring communities together to support cops and kids in positive ways. We are committed in our ability to make this happen.

Funding continues to be a hurdle for the organizers of these programs and is often a determining factor, especially in smaller departments, as to whether these programs are even possible. As civilians with over 25-years of experience in the fundraising field, we have the power to make that difference. Over the years we have developed relationships with donors in both the residential and business communities of Utah, and it is through their generosity these programs are made possible.

We take our job seriously. We employ enthusiastic people who strive to do the right thing. Though we are civilians and are not associated with any one specific department, police union or any other police organization, we are passionate about the service we provide and the officers and communities we serve. We are proud to be making an investment in our future, and the future of law enforcement.