Shop with a Cop

This program has proven to be positive and is well received in communities throughout the state. Generally, this event is held during the holidays. At this event an officer is paired with a child for breakfast and a morning of shopping for warm clothing and holiday gifts. The children who are chosen to participate are most often at-risk, disadvantaged, or have experienced a negative situation with law enforcement. The officers are able to interact, one on one, with the child and have the opportunity of taking a negative view of law enforcement and turning it into a positive one.

Over the last few years a need has been recognized and resolved by holding a “Shop With A Cop” event just prior to the beginning of the school year. In an effort to promote the need for education, as well as the knowledge that any child does better in school when they come prepared, officers and children are again brought together for a morning of shopping. This time they are shopping for jackets, shoes, a new outfit for the first day of school, and of course, a backpack and school supplies.

In some communities the officers will choose to do one of these events, while others do both. Whether they choose one or both, our goal is to help them make these events possible.

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